Friday, September 27, 2013

Want to hear me chat about Heinlein and my past?

Well, you can.  I'm not the only one talking, either.  You can hear interesting stuff from Toni Weisskopf, Baen's Publisher, and Tony Daniel, a Baen editor and fellow writer.

Warning:  At one point, in response to a question from Tony, I talk about some rough stuff in my past.  Don't listen if you want only happiness and light and unicorns (though why anyone would want those cheese-fry-stealing beasts is beyond me). 

Anyway, all you have to do is go to Baen's podcast page, where this podcast is the current one.  If you're reading this blog entry more than a few days after its initial appearance and the Heinlein one is not on top, check out the entry with the name

BFRH 2013 09 27

The Heinlein bit starts a few minutes into the broadcast, after the Baen news. 



Griffin Barber said...


Mark said...

For sure. You bet.

Deb said...

I just listened to the podcast. Whew. Rough stuff is right. Best to you.

...and I don't think the unicorns stole the cheese fries. I think that was a weasel.

Mark said...

Thanks for the kind wishes.

I still think it was the unicorns. You can trust a weasel to be a weasel, but all you can trust about a unicorn is that it'll steal your cheese fries.


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