Tuesday, September 10, 2013

On the road again: IDF, San Francisco, day 1

Though I can't talk about most of what I do in my job at PT, I can say that one of the joys of being in the tech industry is that it's always changing.  New technologies and new products lead to new ways to use them, and for the most part we consumers benefit from the improvements.  Seeing the hot new stuff is always big fun. 

Lunch was at IDF, the usual trade-show fare, decent but no more. 

Dinner, though, was a top-drawer meal at Coi, one of the more adventurous restaurants in the area.  The course with beets was fine, though nothing special.  The shiso sauce on the final dessert was perhaps the meal's only misstep.  The rest of the dinner was delicious and perfectly executed.  To my amazement, I even loved the chilled eggplant soup and would have liked more than they served.  I highly recommend Coi if you're out here or live here. 

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