Sunday, September 8, 2013

On the road again: IDF, San Francisco, day -1

Meetings associated with the conference don't get rolling until tomorrow, but I needed to get out here today so I would have the option of attending some of them.  Thus, I found myself on a Sunday morning getting out of bed in the single digits to begin the long travel day. 

The first bits went well:  easy check-in, work in the Admirals' Club, an upgrade, and a very productive flight to Chicago. 

The second leg was also productive but not at all fun, because I spent it sitting next to a Dubliner who would not stop poking me in the side with his elbow and putting his right foot on top of my left.  After a few minutes of this unwanted contact, I asked him directly and nicely not to keep making it.  He complained of how small his space was, and I agreed it was small--and pointed out that mine was equally small.  I also noted that we were lucky to have the extra leg room of exit-row seats.  He shook his head.  We sat silently for a while, and then he began the contact again.  I pushed back.  He stopped.  For a while.  We repeated this for the entire rest of the flight. 

I'm proud of myself for not hitting him even once. 

By the time I landed, I needed the walk to baggage claim and the taxi ride to the hotel just to calm down. 

After checking in and registering for the conference, I did some more work and then walked to a nearby movie theater.  There I treated myself to a truly terrible yet occasionally entertaining film:  The Bounty Killer.  I can't recommend it to any who wouldn't enjoy the late show at the beach, but the all-male audience hooted and hollered quite often during it.

That said, watch it at your own risk.

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