Thursday, July 11, 2013

Way too much food

No amount of walking, swimming, or moving about can possibly compensate for all the food most of us eat here at the beach.  I will definitely have more weight to lose upon my return.

At dinner tonight at a local Mexican food joint, I managed to stay largely under control, but Scott and Kyle each had one of the larger burritos I've seen.

Click on an image to see a larger version.

Though the angle of my shot makes them appear to be different, they were the same:  huge, full of meat and beans and onions, and covered in a "special gravy." 

Those are beach meals.

No amount of food out can stop our brave eaters from their continued assault on the Bobcakes.  The ChBobcake is almost gone, a victim of cheesecake lust.

The CaBobcake is faring only a tiny bit better.

I don't expect either of these to last all day Friday.

The Bobcake, though continues to stand tough, with more than half of its enormous chocolate mass still remaining.

Of course, additional desserts--donut holes, the 21 pints of ice cream we brought here (seven remain), a large bowl of homemade chocolate brownie ice cream, two packs of Klondike bars, brownies, peanut butter cookies, key lime pies, and a chocolate pie--have come to its assistance and distracted many of the hungry.  I expect it to live well into next week, though of course I could be wrong.

As I write this, a hard rain is falling.  The sound is superb.  A big storm is grand; a big storm at the beach is a wonder indeed.  I look forward to falling asleep to it.

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