Saturday, July 13, 2013

Don't watch

the movie Dead Hooker In a Trunk.  Though it racked up some favorable reviews, and despite the fact that American Mary, the second film by the Soska sisters, the twins who created this one, was a strange and disturbing piece of work, Dead Hooker In a Trunk tonight grabbed the title of Worst Movie Ever At the Beach.  Given all that we've watched over the years, that is some accomplishment.  It drove everyone except Kyle and me from the room, and we stayed only out of sheer determination to see every movie to its end.

Instead, try looking at something much prettier, such as this photo, courtesy of Gina, of sunrise at the beach.

Click an image to see a larger version.

I can't imagine getting up early enough to see a sunrise here, but it is lovely.  

For those tracking the progress of the Bobcake, we have now cracked past the halfway mark. 

It is mighty, but we are many, and we are determined.  (Well, some of us are.  I must confess to having no Bobcake today; I was just too full from other yummy food.)

Today's two miles passed largely in a light rain, an interesting and reasonably pleasant way to take a walk.

Ah, life at the beach is so easy.

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