Sunday, July 21, 2013

Transitioning to normal

I've spent today trying to catch up on all the mail and bills and other stuff that accumulated while I was away at the beach.  With luck, I'll be ready tomorrow morning to jump back into the rush of work.

I do, of course, tremendously miss the beach.  If I had the money and the time, I could easily stay there all summer.

Though apparently I am the last person in America to discover this song, a sound system at some beach restaurant introduced me to this tune, which I quite like.  Enjoy.


Michelle said...

I'm guessing you aren't an American Idol fan. If you like this song, you will enjoy his first single "Home" as well. He has a great voice.

Mark said...

I may check out that song.

You are correct: I have never seen an episode of American Idol and probably never will (unless kidnapped and tied to a chair with my eyes forced open, which, I suppose, could happen).


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