Thursday, July 25, 2013

One more golden oldie

This one is again courtesy of Lynn, who has apparently unearthed a trove of copies of our old high-school newspaper. 

Click on the photo to see a larger image.

Yes, I was on the school's Hi-Q team--not only on it, but captain of it.  What of it, buddy?  We were the comeback kids and undefeated heading into the semifinals, at which incorrect judging during a match televised live cost us that match.  (The show runners later admitted the judge was wrong but said they could do nothing about it because the show had already aired.  Not that I'm bitter about it or anything.)

That hair of mine is like a separate creature.  Amazing.


Kyle said...

You were such a handsome young man. What happened?

Michelle said...

It's not the hair, it's the massive sideburns. They need their own photo. It was also very hip in the '70's.

Mark said...

Kyle, I got old, and I let myself get fat.

Michelle, I agree that the sideburns were amazingly large.


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