Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Where you can be sure to catch me at Balticon this weekend

I'll be reasonably busy at the con, but right after each event in which I'm participating is usually a pretty good time to drop by and say hi.  Here's what I know of my schedule so far--but do check the con's program book and the daily update sheets for possible changes.  Changes happen at cons. oh, yes, they do.

Opening Ceremonies, Friday night, 8:00 p.m., main ballroom

For the second year, I'll be the Master of Ceremonies for this formal kick-off to the con.  My job is simple to say but sometimes difficult to do:  Kick off the con, introduce the con head, introduce the guests, handle the presentation of two major awards (the Compton Crook and the Heinlein), and make sure we're done in one hour so everyone can get their party on over at the con suite.

Come to think of it, this job isn't even simple to say, but the con staff is great, so I'm sure we'll hit our marks (or come mighty darn close). 

The Baen Books Traveling Roadshow, Saturday, 12:30 p.m., Garden Room

Get free books.  See slides of original cover art and then of the final covers.  Get free stuff.  Learn about upcoming titles.  Get free books.  Pick up some insider scoop.  Get free stuff.

Oh, yeah, I'll be making this presentation, but there are other good reasons to come. 

Did I mention the box of swag I'll be driving to the con?

My reading, Saturday, 3:00 p.m., Pimlico room

Pull up a chair, pretend it's nearing bedtime and we're in front of a roaring fire with a good warm cup on a cold night, and let me read to you.

Okay, we'll be in a small room in the middle of the afternoon on an early summer day, and I advise light clothes and a cold drink, but I will be reading.

What will I read?  I have not decided yet.  Show up, and you'll find I will.  It could be anything, though odds are good that it will be something I've written, such as a part of No Going Back, or a short story, or a tidbit from my mystery in progress, or something else.  I truly haven't decided yet.

Liars' Panel, Sunday, noon, Garden Room

Forget coming to this one for me; show up for the people I'll have the honor of working with and to help give kids books.  We're talking fan legend Gay Haldeman, who is one of the nicest fans I've ever had the pleasure to know; John W. Campbell award nominee and noted podcaster, Mur Lafferty; and Compton Crook Award-winning novelist, T.C. McCarthy.  We'll all answer outrageous questions--and most of the time, we'll tell the truth.  Sometimes, though, we'll lie.  Catch us in a lie by challenging us--it costs a buck a person to challenge--and we'll put ten bucks in the charity bowl.  Challenge us and learn we were telling the truth, and you put your buck in the bowl.  The money all goes to Balticon's charity that buys books for kids who can't afford them, so, really, you can't lose at this one.

If you don't have the time or inclination to laugh your ass off for 80 minutes, no problem:  Show up, drop a tenner (or a twenty, or a hundred--hey, kids need books) in the bowl and move on. 

Xenoarchaeology Road Show, 4:00 p.m., Salon room

Remember the excellent Mur Lafferty and T.C. McCarthy from that last panel?  Well, they'll be joining me again on this one, but we'll have a different Haldeman with us:  Guest of Honor and SFWA Grand Master Joe Haldeman.  We'll all be assuming the roles of xenoarchaeologists some five hundred years in the future as we try to discern the origins and uses of a variety of objects from present-day Earth.  I was on this one last year, and the audience laughed until they kicked us out.  We're aiming to top that this year.

You can also probably catch me in the halls, the dealers' room, or the art show, but these events are the sure things. 

I hope a ton of folks show up!

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