Monday, May 20, 2013

My sinuses: 1; my brain: 0

A cold I've been fighting for a while joined forces with a massive allergy attack due to my becoming a good friend to a massive amount of dust during a friend's move.  The result:  a head that feels about twice its normal size, fatigue, and a definite need to work harder than usual to concentrate.

So, I'll tell you a very short and embarrassing story.  When I was twelve, I developed a crush on a girl who lived in a friend's neighborhood and who was, to me, as perfect as a girl could be.  As often as possible, I arranged to visit my friend and walk by places where she was playing with other girls, hoping she would talk to me.  She never did.  That I could open a conversation was beyond consideration; a mortal may not approach a goddess.

One of my greatest sources of comfort in those days was a small AM radio that I kept tuned to WLCY, a local pop/rock station.  I tended toward the Beatles and other artists I still consider to be good, but my young, moody self also embarrassingly and secretly fell for more than a few bubblegum pop songs.  One early evening, walking by her house with only my radio for company, my friend having weeks ago decided he could no longer accompany me on these senseless vigils, this song came on the radio.  It has stuck with me to this day, because at that moment it captured my thoughts perfectly.

Of course, the song starts with the guy already having been with the girl, which I never was, but in my imagination I had the kind of nerve and composure that was completely beyond me and so had indeed already charmed her. 

In reality, I never spoke to her.

The girl moved away, and I have long since forgotten her name, but the song stuck with me.  Such is the power of music, even bubblegum pop.

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