Monday, February 18, 2013

The most unusual phone message of 2013 (so far)

When I'm on the road, I check my home office voicemail only every now and then.  As chance would have it, I checked it last Thursday and found only the usual assortment of hang-ups and donation solicitations.  Friday night, around three in the morning, as I was preparing to crash, I glanced at the machine (Yes, I still have a land line and an answering machine on it.  I'm old.  Get off my lawn.) and saw that I had one new message.  Here's what I heard:

Phone company machine voice:  You have a collect call from...

Male voice, deep, slow, and sexy:  Hello, my darling

Phone company machine voice:  an inmate at [name I won't list] prison in [city I won't list] in the California Penal System. 

It continued, but I hit rewind, because I was sure I must not have heard correctly.

Nope.  I had heard correctly.  The same message played. 

I have no idea why such weird shit happens to me, but it does. 

Now, I can't decide whether to hope for a weirder message later this year or to pray that this one owns the crown. 

Nah, I know myself.  Bring on the weird!


J. Griffin Barber said...

You didn't take my call!

Mark said...

Your voice isn't usually that deep. Sorry for not recognizing you.


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