Saturday, February 23, 2013

Bed gravity

I went to bed late last night to the sound of raindrops plopping onto my skylights and roof.  I awoke on several occasions, each time to a quieter version of the same sound. By the early afternoon, when I exited the bed to work, the day was still, but the sky remained a sunless, uniform light gray.

On such days, the bed's gravity increases. The warm sheets and comfy mattress join forces with my exhaustion to tug me toward them, and I resist, a ship trying hard to maintain its orbit.  They beckon to me repeatedly, their whispered entreaties speaking of safety, rest, warmth, and slumber. 

I almost always win, get up and get on with my day and stay out of the bed.

I must confess that today I surrendered once and enjoyed a long and refreshing nap.

It was quite a treat indeed.


Anonymous said...

Some days the bed wins and we all win. -Ticia

Anonymous said...

I did the same. I love rainy days.

Mark said...

Rainy days and comfy beds are a wonderful match.


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