Saturday, February 2, 2013

On the road again: Portland, day 5 / Silicon Valley, day 1

As much as I travel, you'd think I would never be surprised by how much time travel takes.  Yet, on days like today, I am.  The relatively short hop from PDX to SFO and from one hotel to another ended up consuming more than six hours, much of which was unproductive time.  Worse, I had to get up early on a Saturday. 

Dinner tonight helped, though, because it was a delicious meal at what I consider to be San Francisco's best restaurant, Benu.  Chef Corey Lee's tasting menu delivers bite after bite of wonderful, complex, tasty flavors.  I recommend Benu highly.

I'd write more, but it's quite late and I want one long night of sleep before the crush of the week descends on me, so this will have to serve. 

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