Sunday, January 27, 2013

On the road again: Seattle, day 1

Travel days inevitably peg the weirdness meter at least a little, because the act of packing yourself into big metal tubes for multi-hundred-mile-per-hour rides through the upper atmosphere is inherently a bit odd.  That's what I spent most of today doing, with an early morning wake-up in Raleigh and a late-night crashing in the Seattle area.  In between the two was my usual few hours in DFW, always a bit of strangeness. 

Beyond the normal people-watching, DFW did bring two fun interludes of its own:  this bit of Texas health-food lunch

and a stop at Red Mango for a small vanilla bean frozen yogurt with strawberries.  It was even better than the brisket sandwich; sorry for forgetting to snap its portrait.

I spent most of the first flight dozing and almost all of the second working, so I have very little to report.  I'm here safely, I had a pleasant dinner in the hotel restaurant, and I'm happy to be striding the terra firma sans big metal tube.  It's hard to ask much more from a day of business travel. 

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