Saturday, November 3, 2012

On the road again: World Fantasy Con, Toronto, day 4

A quick check of the opening sentences of blog entries makes clear to me that I am obsessed with sleep--how little I get of it, how much I want it, and so on.  I'm tempted to stop mentioning it, and I probably will, but not today.  The reason is that last night I slept for eight glorious hours, a wonderful treat indeed.  I woke up today with a slight sense of the energy that I used to feel all the time in my body.  It was great.

Food out here in the Toronto suburb boonies is not particularly good, so I'm having to forgo the usual fancy dinner reports because the dinners are anything but fancy.  Still, both lunch and dinner today were serviceable meals and pleasant times with friends.

I watched a few panels, did some work, and talked a lot with friends new and old.  I particularly enjoyed the presentation by top artists Todd Lockwood, John Picacio, and Charles Vess on their creative processes.  Vess works entirely traditionally, Lockwood almost entirely digitally, and Picacio regularly employs a mix of both techniques, so the discussions and slides were interesting and informative. 

I also cruised the art show for a second time.  Particularly impressive were the huge Charles Vess canvas and the two lovely pieces from Howard Fox, an artist who is new to me.  I'm already a Vess fan, but now I'll be keeping an eye out for Fox's work as well. 

Another pass through the dealers' room proved my self-control was intact, because I bought nothing.  I did sign stock for one dealer, a task that is more fun than work.

Among the various con functions I sprinkled a fair amount of work, so I end the day caught up with my goals for it, which is always a good feeling.

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