Friday, November 2, 2012

On the road again: World Fantasy Con, Toronto, day 2

I actually slept last night, which was wonderful.  I spent the day in an ongoing mix of work, time with friends, and a little con stuff. Though work dominated my hours, I did get some of the other good stuff as well. 

I prowled the dealer's room for the first time, but I didn't buy anything; I'm still scouting.  It's always great, though, to see a dealer's room full of books. 

Dinner was a lovely time with friends including Dave and Tom Doherty, the head of Tor, the largest SF publisher in the country (probably the world).  Tom has been working in SF publishing for decades, and I could listen to his stories for days.  I wish he would write an autobiography of his time in the field; it would be a fascinating book full of stories that only he could tell.

Later, a group of us gather to chat and share a late dessert.

A slow start to the con, but overall, a good day. 

Now, to figure out what I'll read at my reading in the morning!

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