Sunday, July 8, 2012

Yes, we ate that--and other pictures

Lunch today took us to a local place that had been a favorite--"had been" because after experiencing its reduced menu, many of us won't be back.

Kyle and I, though, ordered the most unusual dish on that menu:  The Big Dog. 

As always, click on any photo to see a bigger version.

What makes The Big Dog so special is the sheer volume of its unhealthy ingredients. The recipe goes something like this:
Take a quarter-pound hot dog.
Wrap it in bacon.
Fry it.
Put it in an extra-large "gourmet" bun.
Cover it with French fries.
Cover all of that with chili.
Cover all of that with cheese sauce.
Oh, yeah, we're talking health food.

For Kyle, though, that wasn't enough. He added fried plantains.

Next up for us was a stop at a new shop that makes its own ice cream. After all, when The Big Dog is threatening to poke pieces of bacon straight out of your gut, clearly the only rational choice is to tamp it all down with some delicious, homemade, creamy goodness.

At that shop, we saw this lovely rocker.

I would absolutely put that on my deck.

We then wandered across the road and down a bit to a den of true craziness, a place that wasn't open but that had intrigued us all over the years. I won't reveal its true identity, but here are a few happy snaps to give you a flavor of the place.

Note the spider web in the middle of the grill.

The fake body in this car is a nice touch.

I particularly like the sign on the ground here.

The missing apostrophe is just a bonus.

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Anonymous said...

The color must be off on my monitor - at first glance the 1st photo looked like a hot dog smothered in sausage gravy, which now I am contemplating hungrily ... nothing quite beats fine quality sausage gravy (another health food!). ;-)

- old aggie


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