Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Bobcake report: 24 hours in

Earlier today, we hit twenty-four hours since the first slice of Bobcake and CaBobcake headed toward a hungry mouth. For a day, our contest has pitted twenty hungry eaters vs. two massive cakes.

The results are mixed.

On the one hand, the people are definitely gaining on the CaBobcake, as you can see.

As always, click on an image to see a larger version.

Yes, we're nearly halfway through this massive cylinder of carroty deliciousness. I believe that in no time we will have polished off the denser but smaller CaBobcake.

The Bobcake, on the other hand, as always stands strong. Our many slices have left its one side battered but largely intact.

Perhaps when all of our attentions focus squarely on the Bobcake--well, on it and on the 19 remaining pints (down from 28) of ice cream, four trays of bars, and two key lime pies--we will gain more ground against its massiveness.

Time will tell, and your loyal reporter will chronicle the tale.


Michelle said...

As a person living on basically hummus and celery sticks, your dessert options are killing me. That chocolate cake is what dreams are made of. At least my dreams.

Mark said...

Yes, much dieting awaits us all after the beach.


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