Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The beach house vs. the Bobcakes

Yes, the fabulously rich, dense, chocolate cake from Bob is back, and we brave souls in the beach house are planning to tackle it.

Here it is, sitting on a table and the slab of reinforced cardboard necessary to support its weight. Note the pen for scale.

As always, click on an image to see a larger version.

This year, though, we decided that one Bobcake was not enough.  We have proven we can vanquish a single Bobcake, but what if there were two?  As good fortune would have it, Bob makes a second delicious dessert, a carrot spice cake with cream cheese icing, that Rose says she likes even more than the Bobcake itself.

Our choice was clear: we had to have one.

Thus, enter the CaBobcake.

Though you cannot, of course, tell from looking at it, the CaBobcake weighs nearly as much as the larger Bobcake. 

The two cakes fill an entire shelf in a full-size refrigerator.

We are looking forward to delicious experimentation as we face these twin menaces! I hope to chronicle the battle over the coming days.


Unknown said...

Those cakes, more than almost anything else make me wish I was there with you. They just beg to be eaten with your fists like they were the last food on Earth. :)


Mark said...

They do indeed, Sean, they do indeed.


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