Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Durham Father's Day Food Truck Rodeo

I slept almost eight hours last night, which was a wonderful treat.  After a bit of a walk, I showered, and a group of us headed to Durham for the city's Father's Day Food Truck Rodeo

If you've never been to a food truck rodeo, it's basically a planned gathering of a bunch of food trucks--in this case, 35, the most I've ever seen in one place in this area.  (The link above includes a list of all the trucks and links to their sites.)  The crowds at these events range from big to insane.  My plan was to arrive late, about 2:30, and hope to miss the initial lunch rush.

The plan did not work.  The crowd was closer to insane than to big, though it wasn't so bad that one couldn't walk at all.  I had to weave through crowds a lot, and every now and then wait for a few seconds, but that was as bad as it got.  Still, I'm not sure I'm willing to fight this level of crowd again, and certainly not anytime soon.

The food we sampled ranged from tasty to delicious.  Our strategy was to buy a bunch of things and share them, with each person eating only a couple of bites.  It worked pretty well.  I sampled both brisket and pork BBQ sandwiches from Stoke and Smoke BBQ, a spicy Southwest hot dog from Big John's Hot and Spicy, a BBQ pork sandwich from Olde North State BBQ, a piece of pizza from Klausie's, and a few cupcakes from Daisy Cakes.

The weather cooperated nicely, with temperatures never hitting eighty and a clear sky.  We found a bit of shade to eat in, so no one in our group overheated.

All in all, it was a lovely way to eat an interesting lunch and spend time with friends.  Definitely check out the next one that you can make.  

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