Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Two songs that have owned my head for much of today

Sarah turned me on to this one, and it's been bouncing around my skull for quite a while.

The other is one I've featured before, but it's been all over my mind today, so I'm sharing it again.

Here's the thing: I almost never feel like I belong anywhere, but I aspire to that feeling. I suppose I aspire to feel fully human.

Is it any wonder that no matter what I think I'm doing, I end up writing stories about alienation?


Dan Higdon said...

Hello Mark,

It seems like we have similar tastes in music, so I was wondering if you've heard of an NY band called "Scout"? Google "Scout Song To Strangers", which should get you started. "Won't ask Why", "The House We Used To Live In" and "Under Attack" are some good follow ups.

Their latest album (All Those Relays) is my favorite, but I think that just may be due to sonic burnout on their previous disks. I've found Scout to be excellent "Programming Music", though I don't really need to worry about mood or tone seeping into my C++ for obvious reasons. :)

Anyway, I hope you look up and then enjoy Scout. Unless you're a Nintendo Wii fan, It's the closest I'm going to get to giving you back some creative enjoyment (even if it's second hand) in return for John and Lobo. (BTW - keep 'em coming! My wife just finished "No Going Back", and it's next up in my book queue.)

Mark said...

Thanks, Dan, for the tip. I hadn't heard of the band, but I liked that song and will check them out further.

Dan Higdon said...

No problem. After I made the comment, I realized I had forgotten the usual "I am in no way affiliated..." stuff. (Which I'm not; I'm just a fan.) I know I'm always looking for new music myself.

Mark said...

No worries. I do wish, though, that they had a CD. I still like to own the discs.

Dan Higdon said...

I generally burn MP3 files to an Audio CD. Mostly because my car only plays CDs, and I get my most reliable listening time going to/from work.


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