Saturday, June 16, 2012

Live music shouldn't be Muzak

The one feature of last night's single-source supper that I did not like was the way the organizers handled the music.  The musician, a soft-voiced folksinger, sat off in a corner with a single speaker set low enough that everyone could easily ignore him as he sang--which is basically what the crowd did.  He might as well have been an iPod.  The gig had to suck for him; I sure hope they paid him well. 

I didn't like it all. 

If an event is going to feature live music, as far as I'm concerned, the audience should be listening.  Sure, some will prefer to talk, but they should move to the back of the venue and do so quietly. 

The event would have been even better had the organizers introduced the musician partway into the time of drinks and socializing, let the man play a set as we all listened and applauded after each song, and then told us all it was time for dinner.

If they do this again, I hope they consider this advice. 

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