Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Vote for Jon and Lobo!

Over at its Web site, my publisher, Baen Books, is holding an April contest to pick the most popular teams in SF. Jon and Lobo are one of those teams. You can see and vote on the poll here. Right now, my guys are in fifth place, with Honor Harrington naturally leading the way.

Surely we can do better!

To help advance Jon and Lobo, go there and vote. You can also, at the bottom of the page, enter the contest via email and win a shot at some signed first editions. Good luck!


Brian D said...

Done! Jon and Lobo are my first choice naturally.

Mark said...

Thanks, Brian!

Todd said...

But Jon isn't a ladies man like Leary. :-x

Mark said...

Read the new book before you say that.

Michelle said...

Todd.....Jon is indeed a ladies' man. Hell, Lobo is a ladies' man. Jon in love is wonderful. I think Mark should write in a love interest for Lobo in his next book.


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