Thursday, March 8, 2012

My days right now

I'm entirely home from my day job in a desperate push to finish the already later-than-late No Going Back. For those who've asked and those who wonder, here's what my day looks like:

* Drag ass out of bed

* Work on NGB

* Shower

* Eat lunch (half hour)

* Work on NGB

* One hour dinner break (food and a TV show on DVD, currently Treme, Season 1)

* Work on NGB

* One hour late-night break (snack, usually ice cream, and a TV show on DVD, currently Justified, Season 2)

* Work on NGB

* Fall over stupid and sleep

The breaks, by the way, are necessary, at least to me, just so that I can keep producing good work.

The process does seem to be working well, though it is exhausting, and I look forward to its end.

Ah, the glamourous life of the novelist with an overdue book.


Michael said...

I recently received an email from that my pre-ordered copy of No Going Back will not be shipping until December 3, 2013. I know your running late, but it can't be that late can it?

Mark said...

No, I sure hope not. I heard about this recently and then discovered that the book isn't even on Amazon right now. Publisher Toni said that this is standard procedure for Amazon when the publisher has to delay a book. I will finish it very soon, and it is scheduled to ship, per Publisher Toni, on the last on-sale date for books in May. Once I turn in the book and Baen rushes it into production, they'll give it the new date, and it should appear on Amazon. So, no worries--except for me; I do need to finish it.

Sorry for the confusion.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping us updated on your progress with "No Going Back".
Appreciate it =)


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