Monday, February 6, 2012

Our group's take on the Super Bowl commercials

Yesterday, a group of us gathered, as we have for several years, to watch the Super Bowl commercials. We fast-forward through the game, eat junk food, and stop to check out all the commercials.

Our collective number one pick for this year was this science-fictional Chevy ad.

Aside from that one, consensus was hard to achieve. We all agreed, however, that this Teleflora ad placed high for both its sexiness and its directness.

Most of us also agreed that the world is never that simple, but still, Adriana Lima made at least the men believe it could be.

Pretty much everyone also enjoyed this Audi offering, which I rank as one of the top three.

I wonder how a group that didn't read science fiction and fantasy would rank the commercials.


J. Griffin Barber said...

I loved the VW one with Darth Vader in the cantina! Awesome!

Anonymous said...

The Audi commercial was brilliant...entertaining, humorous, and informative in just the right amounts. Can't beat that.


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