Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A good day in politics

Yesterday was a good day in politics.

First, a Federal Appeals court ruled against Proposition 8, the California ban on same-sex marriage. As I've said many times, if any group of people want to get married, I think they should be allowed to do so.

Then, Republican whack job and presidential candidate Rick Santorum swept three states, throwing further confusion into the Republican race. I'm all for that confusion. I'm happy to see the Republicans beat on each other for a while longer.

If the race is really close going into the Republication National Convention (it won't be, but I can hope), then my dream is that they settle the contest the old-fashioned way: cream-corned wrestling in Speedos on a stage elevated above a giant pool of lime jello with fruit. No room could contain the happiness I would feel at seeing Newt Gingrich body-slamming Rick Santorum into the quivering corn and then leaping into the jello while screaming, "I am the true conservative!"

Of course, that could be just me.


J. Griffin Barber said...

Only if you can watch from the Mobile Hot Dog Throne of Doom!

John Lambshead said...

You're not a supporter of theocratic government then Mark. Why, don't you want to live in a morally pure country - like Iran?

Mark said...

No, John, I think I'll pass on that.


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