Tuesday, September 27, 2011

On the road again: Seattle, day 2 / Portland, day 1

The sky was never fully blue for the short time we were in Seattle, but the weather was generally lovely.

Work meetings filled the early part of the day, and then we drove to Portland. I was mostly either driving, which meant focusing on the rather considerable amount of traffic, or working, which kept me looking down, so I didn't get to pay much attention to the scenery. What I saw, though, was lush and, when we weren't in the land of strip malls, quite pretty.

Dinner in Portland was at Gabriel Rucker's second restaurant, Little Bird. We sampled several small plates, and all were very tasty. The potato, bacon, and fromage side dish is a favorite of mine, a small bowl of potato-y, bacony, cheesy comfort-food goodness, exactly the sort of thing you wish your mom had known how to make.

As I always note, if you live here or visit here, you should make time to eat at Little Bird.

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