Monday, September 26, 2011

On the road again: Seattle, day 1

A few notes to the rude and inconsiderate man ahead of me at the x-ray station in RDU this morning:

* The rule is two carry-on bags. That's two. Not your two large rolling bags and your briefcase. That would be three.

* No man should need nine--yes, nine--little three-ounce containers in his carry-on baggie of personal products. I know the number because I was waiting so long for you to move through the line that I had time to count them multiple times.

* It's okay to put shoes and belt in one bin. You personally consumed eight slots on the metal tables: five plastic bins, plus your three carry-ons. That's too many for one person. Hell, it's too many for two people. Learn the rules.

* Leaving your last carry-on in the aisle next to the luggage tables so it blocks everyone else is an asshole move. You are not alone in the world, and you're certainly not alone on the security line.

Can you tell that this idiot pissed me off?

Anyway, his rudeness started my travel morning, and a flight to Chicago in a non-exit-row seat with the jerk in front of me leaning all the way back so I could not work kept the good times flowing.

Happily, my fortune reversed in Chicago, where I was able to work in the Admiral's Club, get some lunch at a food court, and then sit in an exit row, buy bandwidth, and work on the flight. Upgrades were out of the question on this excessively crowded flying day--both flights were way, way oversold--but I have no right to complain when I have an exit-row aisle seat and bandwidth.

A wet gray blanket covered the Seattle area as we landed, and it's still here. The temperature, though, is lovely, and I do like having the humidity.

Dinner was good but not great in the hotel's restaurant; just too much work to do to be able to afford the time to go elsewhere.

Soon, I will fall over and go boom. I need some sleep.

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