Tuesday, September 13, 2011

On the road again: IDF, San Francisco, day 3

You can read about this conference online, and I can't talk about any of our clients, which means most of the tech industry, so I have nothing to share about IDF's content. I will say that the show's organizers have their logistics down pat this year, with everything from the bandwidth to the lunches to the crowd control flowing smoothly.

Almost all of the day went to work, so this will be short. The lone exception was a lovely dinner at Spruce, where we ate too much but had a good time. (The cab line at the hotel, on the other hand, was far from lovely.)

Oh, yeah: I can't show it to you yet, but I have now seen John Picacio's final artwork and Jennie Faries' final design for the cover for No Going Back, and it is...what's that word...oh, yeah:

I hope to be able to post it here soon.


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