Monday, September 12, 2011

On the road again: IDF, San Francisco, day 2

My appointments for today canceled, so given how my stomach felt during the night, I stayed in my room working and resting until late afternoon. After registering for the conference and talking a while with Cameron, who's on this part of the trip with me, I did as always: worked some more.

By dinnertime my stomach felt close to normal, so we headed off for our now-traditional pre-show dinner at Max's. The patty melt was as greasy and good as always. I'm paying a bit for it now, but only a bit, so it was worth it.

Tomorrow, the show starts. By not doing much today, I seem to be back almost to normal, so with luck, the day will pass largely without stomach pain.

Because I have so little to report, I will share with you this song, which Sarah turned me on to. She's once again led me to another group I look forward to enjoying. I hope you like it.

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