Friday, September 16, 2011

On the road again: Bouchercon, St. Louis, day 2

Most of today went to work, so there's not much of note there. Move along.

Lunch was a completely serviceable meal at a local deli, The Edible Difference.

The walk to and from the place gave me time to check out a bit of the downtown. A great many buildings appear to be unoccupied or barely occupied, as if a wind from the depression had blown through here and taken many of the businesses with it. Other streets showed the effects of real estate developers smelling opportunity, with loft-style condos for sale in building after building. The economy has clearly not been gentle with St. Louis.

I was able to catch the Robert Crais interview, and he was quite entertaining. When the questions turned to his work, he was as neurotic as any other writer I know; it seems endemic to the job.

After some more work, we hit the charity auction. People at this con really spend at each Bouchercon's auction, and this year's was no exception: it raised $17K for a local library.

Dinner was a very good meal at a local Peruvian place, Mango. I had not expected to find Peruvian food here, but I was very pleasantly surprised when we spotted this place. If you live near here, definitely check it out.

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