Thursday, June 16, 2011

Quick thoughts on Tuesday night's Barnes & Noble gig

(all photos courtesy of Gina)

When you're on a panel, it's often difficult to assess your audience's honest reaction, so I can say only that it seems to me that Tuesday night's Barnes & Noble event went well. (Of course, I'd prefer they spell my name correctly, but I'm willing to trade that for having a lot of my books on hand, which the store did.)

This is the fourth year we've done this event, so it now operates on a predictable pattern. We introduce ourselves and say what we write. One of our gracious hosts asks the audience for questions. No one offers any. The host asks a question. We each answer it. The audience warms up and start asking questions, and then we're off.

Tonight's queries addressed such topics as genre boundaries, the effects of ebooks on writers, writing processes, and so on. Not all of our answers were the same, but on balance they were generally more similar than different.

After the Q&A period, folks bought books and had us sign them.

In this photo, the signing has just begun--a moment that is easy to spot because it's the one time when Dave does not have the most people waiting on him.

Afterward, a group of us, mostly family, headed across the parking lot for dinner.

They've already asked us back for next year, and I expect we'll probably be there. As long as the others are game, I am.


Todd said...

I noticed the misspelling right away, lol. Out of those authors, I only know David Drake, whom I have read the entirety of Hammer's Slammers and RCN (Which as a Aubrey/Maturin fan, I like).

As a child, my favorite show was Knight Rider, so although Drake has tanks, you have a tank *that talks* - that's game, set and match for me. Well played, sir - well played.


Mark said...

Thanks, Todd.


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