Monday, May 23, 2011

Announcing a new blog feature:
a relationship advice column

It took a lot of work. I had to compete with the three major networks, HBO, Showtime, The New York Times, Vanity Fair, Playboy, and Guns & Ammo. In the end, though, I won. Starting sometime in the next month (more on that below), I will debut on this very blog a new column:

Ask Dr. Efficient, The Love Guru

Dr. Efficient is, of course, the nom de therapy of our very own Kyle, a man renowned worldwide for his extensive knowledge of and deep insights into the intricacies of human relationships.

Here's how it will work. To avoid deluging Kyle, email me your questions. If you know my email address, feel free to use it; otherwise, go via the form on my Contact page. Mark it clearly as being for Dr. Efficient. I will pass a small group of them, no fewer than two and no more than four at a time, to Kyle; more would be risking bringing too much wisdom into the world at once. Kyle will, as his schedule permits, email me the answers to the questions. I will then post the questions and the answers. If you want me to keep your name secret, say so, and I will note only your gender and country; that much is necessary to make the origins of the question clear.

Ask Dr. Efficient will be an adult column; Kyle is free to use all the words.

So, if you're lost in the maze of life's relationships, email your questions for Dr. Efficient. He'll find you a path--an efficient path--through your troubles.

Despite the humor above, this is not a joke: we're really doing this, so send in those questions now!


Eric said...

What a great service! If you follow Dr. Efficient's advice here are just a few of the problems you will never have to worry about:

* Having to talk to his/her friends
* Things moving too fast
* The birth control failing
* Having to sign a prenuptial agreement
* Problem in-laws
* Having an affair
* Not having enough time to yourself

Mark said...

Ouch! A bit premature to judge without the answers, isn't it?

Though, of course, you could well be right.

Dr. Efficient said...

Just because Jane Goodall has spent a lifetime studying the chimpanzees doesn't mean she wants to marry one.


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