Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Year In Prose comes to an end

For many months now, each Tuesday I would head over to the A Year In Prose blog to see what new contribution Sarah had posted. I'd then read through the other entries as well. Over time, the other folks involved stopped contributing, and every now and then Sarah would fall a few weeks behind, but eventually she always caught up.

The project, and thus the blog, is now complete. Sarah posted her fifty-second entry, finished the year, and capped the blog with a little summary essay at the end of that entry. I still recommend her work to you, including this very interesting final four-part series, not just because I'm her father, but also because her writing is simply excellent. I will miss this opportunity to read her work and to see her writing evolve--an evolution that was evident even though she was working within the artificial but fun rules of the blog.

Check it out.

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