Friday, March 11, 2011

Some music you should check out

The following is not a paid endorsement; in fact, the people involved might be a little embarrassed about the pimpery I'm about to lay on you. I must, though, confess to extreme bias: the music comes from Ben Azevedo, a great guy who happens to be Sarah's boyfriend, and it includes a song she co-authored and for which she plays piano and sings.

In his not-so-secret identity as the band, The Camaraderie, Ben has created an online EP that you should check out. The site lets you play any of the songs for free, and you can download any song for a buck or the EP for any amount you choose to pay. I'm a big believer in paying for the work of artists--hey, I do like to sell those books I write--so I bought a copy (in lossless format, of course) and have to recommend that approach. You even get the lyrics right there on the site.

I enjoy all five songs, but my favorite is their duet, "The Ladder." I know, I know: of course I like it because Sarah is in it. Really, though, I don't think that's it; I genuinely believe it's a strong tune.

Check it out. Support Ben's music. He's good enough that I'd like to see him keep it up.


Michelle said...

Wow! What a terrific album. You must be busting your buttons when you listen to it. Thank you for giving your fans yet another opportunity to listen to music we would otherwise not be aware of. I hope to see them both on the Grammy's one day!

Mark said...

I'm sure Ben and Sarah thank you for the kind words. I, of course, had nothing to do with it except to listen to it and buy it.


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