Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Two additional appearances in the next 12 months

Anytime you want to know what cons (and other events) I'll be attending, you can check out my Appearances page. Sometimes, though, special factors make me announce them here in the blog.

One of those factors involves next year's Chattacon 37: they've asked me to be Toastmaster, and I've agreed. So, if you're planning to be anywhere near Chattanooga the third weekend of January, 2012, come by and say hi. I've never been to either the city or the con, so I'm quite looking forward to seeing the place, meeting the good folks there, and, of course, sampling their barbecue.

The other news is that I've decided to risk the huge crowds and go to this year's Dragon*con, where I'll be one of its many guests. I've heard great things about this con, but the combination of the Labor Day weekend timing and the crowds have kept me away--until now. Again, if you're planning to attend, try to find me while I'm there, and say hi.


Laura said...

Paul and I will be at Dragon*Con this year, too--it's their 25th anniversary and will perhaps be a bit crazier than usual.

We've never been to Chattacon but are thinking about it for next year.

Mark said...

I'll hope to see you at both.


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