Thursday, January 27, 2011


When I mentioned to Kyle that I'd seen this movie, he asked why I had little kids with me. I didn't. A group of adults went, and we all quite enjoyed it.

The story, of course, is basically Rapunzel, but Disney-fied and turned into a musical. The Disney-fication includes adding fun animals and the usual adorable characters--all of which makes the movie sound less and less appealing.

This film, though works. The writing is good and tells an interesting story. The characters have real relationships. Some awful things happen--as they should. It provides several moments of on-screen magic. You get the idea: It's a good movie.

As long as you don't consider yourself too grown-up for cartoons (and if you do, let me introduce you to some awesome anime flicks, not to mention almost everything Pixar has done), Tangled is well worth your time.


J. Griffin Barber said...

It was even more awesome to watch with my seven year old.

Mark said...

I completely believe that, Griffin.

Ticia said...

I saw Tangled with my daughter, too. Seeing it with an 18 year old is a little different from seeing it with a 7 year old, but we both loved the movie. And I still see the child in my daughter's face when she's engrossed in a magical story.

Michelle said...

The whole way home from the movie, my daughter and I tried to hang our heads out the window so our hair would blow like her's did. I am sure that observers weren't nearly as impressed as we thought we were. Instead of long beautiful flowing locks, it pretty much looked liked dreadlocks with shrubbery by the time we arrived home. However, we loved the movie so much, we have seen it twice. It is magic in 3-D.


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