Monday, January 17, 2011

On the road again: Boston, day 6;
Arisia, day 4

I had the very first autographing session of the convention, so it seemed somehow fitting that I would be part of the last joint reading panel today. As you might expect from an event starting after noon on the day when most fans were checking out, no one showed up to hear me or Michael Ventrella read from our works. Staring at an empty reading room is always a bit rough on the ego, but it's happened to me before, and it'll happen again, so I'm reasonably used to it. In this case, it was nice to get to meet and chat with Michael, who as it turns out plans to interview me at some point for his blog.

The daylight hours before and after the reading largely went to work, as you might expect.

The evening brought a fine dinner at the always wonderful No. 9 Park. Most of the meal was excellent, as always. The two foie dishes were amazing, and the cheese course was the best of this trip. The dessert, however, was weak and not up to the rest of the meal. Still, No. 9 Park remains, for me, a must-eat place when in Boston.

More work awaits, then packing, and tomorrow morning is work, then travel home.


J. Griffin Barber said...

No one asked you to sign their tit? Damn them! Damn them allllllll!

Mark said...

It is so unfair.

Ticia said...

I could make a joke about men taking their shirts off so you could sign their chests, but where's the fun in shooting fish in a barrel?

Mark said...

Fair enough, and thank you.

Peter said...

Try the Lobster Ravioli at Rino's in East Boston. I haven't tried it yet because I live in El Paso now, but I will definitely try it the next time I'm back there. I saw it on Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives, and it looks great! Everything is handmade to order and super fresh.

Mark said...

I look forward to trying that place the next time I'm here.


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