Wednesday, December 22, 2010


The most amazing thing about Unstoppable is how well it works despite everything you know when you walk into the theater:

* The train isn't going to derail and cause a giant crisis in central Pennsylvania because, hey, you would have heard about that mess when it happened.

* No attempt at stopping the train is going to work in the first ninety minutes, because big movies today have to be longer than that.

* Denzel Washington's character isn't going to die, because (1) he's Denzel, and (2) it's not an art-house movie that going's to net him an Oscar, so there's no way in hell he's going to die without a shot at that gold.

* Chris Pine's character isn't going to die, because (1) he's the hot young male lead, and (2) Denzel's in charge, and no one's going to die on Denzel's watch unless he has a shot at that Oscar gold.

* Rosario Dawson's character can't get in big trouble, because (1) she's Rosario Dawson, and (2) if Denzel's not getting hurt, no way is Rosario down for the pain.

* All three of those actors are so much prettier than the people they portray that the train would have stopped just to stare at them.

Even with all that going against it, the movie works. It keeps you on the edge of your seat. It builds the suspense gradually and correctly. The failures seem plausible and rope you into cheering for them.

It is a triumph of suspenseful style over content.

If you haven't seen it already, check it out before it leaves the theaters. It looks good on the big screen.


Griffin said...

Mmmm Rosario....

Mark said...

Uh, yeah.

Michelle said...

Men...sheesh. Chris Pine is so much prettier than Rosario.

Mark said...

Not to me, nor, I am sure, to Griffin.

Griffin said...

Oh, he might be prettier, but I don't want to have him nibble on my earlobe. Rosario, on the other hand, can do whatever she would like with me.

Anonymous said...

Denzel is hottest of all - and it doesn't seem to matter how old he gets - that is one fine-ass man.


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