Sunday, November 21, 2010

On the mend

I'm going to keep this short, partly because I'm not yet feeling all that great, and partly because most of today has been about sleep. My fever broke in the night, so new sheets were in order after I soaked the original set. Now, though, my temperature appears to be holding at or slightly above normal, and I am continuing to rest. More tomorrow.

My illness is dull and tedious to me, so I can only imagine how boring it must be to you, but it's pretty much what I've got right now.


Anonymous said...

Known as gypo tummy to British tourists to the Med. Everyone gets a dose sooner or later. You are ill advised to have ice cubes in your coke or to eat at interesting local cafes.
John L.

Mark said...

I did both, John, so perhaps I was asking for it. Thanks for the info.


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