Monday, November 22, 2010

I'm so easy

When it comes to movie trailers, I really am. I want to believe they can all be good. I want them to be good. Even a trailer with obvious issues can still tempt me.

I've recently seen these three, and I am still clinging to the hope that all will be good.

In this case, the cast alone is enough to make me hold that belief.

In this one, on the other hand, I have to hold to my love of comic books that I treasured as a kid.

The third really stretches the limits of even my faith, but I'm going to pray for it to be at least stupidly good.

See? I really am that easy.


J. Griffin Barber said...

I am most excited about the Green Hornet. I love the schlub-as-hero.

Mark said...

I fear it could be dreadful, but I will be there nonetheless.

Ticia said...

You are such a child... I am too. Bring on the movies! I want to see them all.

Kyle said...

I think I'd rather see this Green Lantern:

Mark said...

Yeah, Ticia, I am.

Kyle, who wouldn't? Too bad we can't. I'll still go to the other one.

Bill said...

The movie doesn't look that hot, but you can win the Green Hornet's movie car at Hardee's or Carl Jr.'s.

Mark said...

I don't think that's enough incentive to make me eat at either one.


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