Wednesday, October 20, 2010

On the road again: San Francisco, day 8

I am so completely spoiled by planes that provide Internet connectivity that when I have a long flight without any bandwidth, as I did today, I feel shortchanged and frustrated. How quickly we become accustomed to new luxuries and capabilities.

The flight itself was a decidedly mixed bag. On the plus side, it was a single plane from SFO to RDU, though it stopped in ORD, so missing my connection was not an issue. I also had an exit row seat, albeit a window one, so I could work. Unfortunately, because a plane's interior wall is often cold, I had worn a long-sleeved shirt--and this plane had waves of heat rolling off the wall to my right. As a result, I overheated and soaked in my own sweat for the better part of seven hours. Couple that slow cooking with a completely full aircraft that couldn't manage to generate much air flow, and I was just one piece of meat slowly browning in a giant can of ass stew.

I'm home now, though, and nearly caught up, so that is good. Also good, excellent even, was the impromptu Andante Dairy cheese tasting that seven of us held shortly after I made it to my house. All seven of the cheeses we tasted were delicious; the amazing Acapella we had tried previously was indeed a harbinger of more great cheeses to come.

Yoga starts in eight and a half hours, so I'm going to finish working and ultimately grab a little sleep.

Tomorrow, our annual extended family trip to the North Carolina State Fair!

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