Tuesday, October 19, 2010

On the road again: San Francisco, day 7

When the only things you do all day that aren't work are shower and eat (quickly), and when your work is confidential, there's not a lot you can discuss. Today was one of those days. Work was interesting, and my client meetings were fun and informative, but I can't talk about any of it.

Lunch was a treat: barbecue at Armadillo Willy's, an old favorite from when I used to spend a week a month out here. For a California restaurant chain, they make surprisingly good Texas barbecue.

I also indulged in a late-afternoon treat: a delicious ice-cream sandwich from Ruby Jewel. If a store near you carries these tasty goodies (we found them at a local Whole Foods), you owe it to yourself to try one.

I've been on the road too long right now, so I'm ready to get home. I'll be flying that way tomorrow. Here's hoping for a first class upgrade and a plane with bandwidth (neither of which, alas, looks at all likely)!

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