Wednesday, October 13, 2010

On the road again: Bouchercon, San Francisco, day 1

This trip mixes PT work with Bouchercon, the big mystery convention that I attend each year if I can reasonably make it. Today started badly with me in the shower in the early sixes after about an hour and a half of sleep. I don't need a ton of sleep, but that's not enough even for me. The trip fortunately went uneventfully, but there was no plane bandwidth for me, so by the time I was in my hotel room I was woefully behind on email and other work obligations. Hours of frenzied work brought me back to even, and then a very good but quite late (9:00 start) dinner put a nice ending on the day. I'll go into more detail about the meal tomorrow, but right now a bit more work stands between me and sleep, so I'm going to finish the demanding tasks and dive under some covers.



Todd said...

Are you here over the weekend?

I am in Fresno but could swing into SF on Sat.

Mark said...

I am but currently booked with the con. Let me see if I can work out some free time. Contact me via the site so we can discuss on email.


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