Monday, August 9, 2010

A quick update on the Children No More charity program

(In this entry, I assume you are aware of my goal of raising a lot of money to help child soldiers by donating all of my earnings from sales of the hardback of Children No More to Falling Whistles. If you're not, you can go to the Children No More site and learn more there. I'll be here when you return.)

We're in the mysterious phase of the process now. The book is in bookstores and available online. It's not a bestseller--I'm pretty sure we'd know if it was--but its Amazon ranking was for at least a week respectable (below 10,000), and a lot of copies moved in the dealers' room at the con. But, really, we know nothing yet of its sales, and we won't for many months. Hence the mystery.

What we do know is that a lot of people have pitched in to help, and I appreciate it. For example, Edmund Schubert, the editor of Orson Scott Card's Intergalactic Medicine show online magazine, offered me his editorial column to promote the cause; check it out here. More folks than I can possibly list comprehensively have been nice enough to blog it; I thank you all, and each time I've seen a blog, I've tried to thank its writer.

So, you may reasonably ask, are we done?

No. The book has at least two more weeks on the shelves. We need to keep pushing for those weeks. You can help by spreading the news as far and as wide as you can and, of course, by buying the book. If you don't want to buy it, consider donating to Falling Whistles to help those kids; they have an easy-to-use donation page.

We've established a little momentum. Let's keep it going and see if we can't pick up speeds. We can help these kids.



Andrew said...

Will this apply to the ebook when it comes out?

Mark said...

The ebook is out from Baen. I'm giving away only the money from the hardback.

Andrew said...

Ah, it wasn't on your page on Baen this evening. If there is another page to look, please let me know.

Now, I'm torn...

Good cause, good work.


Mark said...

I went through Webscriptions to find it, Andrew. I encountered it at this URL:

I hope that works for you.


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