Saturday, June 5, 2010

Look what just arrived

Yesterday's mail brought my author copies of Jump Gate Twist, which with the paperback of Overthrowing Heaven (available now from your favorite bookseller) here decorates the top of a bookshelf in our upstairs hallway. Though I am far from unbiased, I have to strongly recommend you pick up both books. After all, you don't want to loan your hardback copy of OH, do you?

I didn't think so.

Jump Gate Twist is, as I've blogged previously, chock full of goodies. Sarah, who had not read any of the original material in it or "My Sister, My Self," the first Jon Moore story, declared it a "pretty cool volume." She is my daughter, of course, so you may be inclined to see that recommendation as perhaps a tad biased, but I discourage that sort of thinking; you can trust me, and you can certainly trust her.

All shilling aside, I really am pleased to see both books, and Jump Gate Twist truly is an amazing bargain: it contains two complete novels, two short stories, a bunch of essays, a gorgeous John Picacio cover--and it can be yours for the bargain list price of twelve bucks (way less on Amazon).

Okay, that was more shilling. Drat.

I'll end with this: It's cool to see these additions to my bookshelf.

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