Monday, May 31, 2010

On the road again: Balticon, day 6

This morning vanished in a blur of sleep, work, packing, and goodbyes. I then drove to the middle of nowhere, where I am now.

Well, to be more precise, I'm in Washington, VA, at The Inn at Little Washington, where I am recharging a bit, writing a bit, and soon heading to enjoy an amazing dinner in its Kitchen Table. I love this place, in large part because there is nothing to do here. (No cell phones work, though the Internet bandwidth is quite good--and comes with the room, of course.) Chef and Proprietor, Patrick O'Connell, has created here a certain kind of perfection. It's not my normal taste, nor at all how I would have done it, but I admire his dedication to his vision, and there is no place quite like it.

I'm heading offline now to prepare for dinner and then to eat a large number of what I expect to be exquisite courses. More on the meal in an update later.

UPDATE: After consuming an enormous tasting menu full of delicious tidbits, I can say with complete confidence that Chef O'Connell and the team here at the Inn have not lost a single step. This is definitely a great place to come if you want a world-class meal.

I can also confidently declare that I am in the grips of a food coma and so will now head offline for the night. Perhaps it was the sixth cheese, or maybe the second dessert course, that did me in.

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