Thursday, May 27, 2010

On the road again: Balticon, day 2

Much of today went to work, but I also got to participate in three fun activities.

The first was lunch at Mr. Rain's Fun House, which is the cafe on the third (top) floor of the American Visionary Art Museum (AVAM). The cafe's food was interesting and delicious. We started by sharing the Crab & Mango tartare appetizer, then had Kobe beef hot dogs with Mexican toppings--easily one of the best hot dogs I've tasted.

Fortified for our adventure, we toured AVAM itself. When I was last here, eight or nine years ago, I think, the place was a single building; now it encompasses three and an outdoor sculpture garden. I once again found a great deal of the work to be quite compelling. Many of the artists create compulsively, and I wonder often how far from them I am. If you're in the Baltimore area, go see AVAM.

The third fun activity of the day was a long dinner at the wonderful Woodberry Kitchen. A group of us ate here last Balticon after my show, but with Kyle not available this weekend, we hit it early. Once again, we ordered a rather substantial portion of the menu, and once again, every single dish we tasted was excellent. I recommend this place highly.

Now, though, I will return to working on the show, doing a second blog entry for you--shirts!--and other work that requires my attention. Onward!

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