Sunday, April 25, 2010

What would you think?

Ticia sent me the URL to this great article about dogs parachuting into Afghanistan. When I responded with the first thing that came to my mind, she said only I would think of it. I don't agree. I figure everyone would think the way I did, but perhaps not. Let's put her theory to the test.

What I wondered was whether you could feed the dogs a lot of food, give them tons of water to drink, and then train them to poop and pee on the enemy as they glided to earth.

The idea is an obvious one. My dog wants to leave a marker every ten yards on a walk; how could he resist spraying an entire country?

Plus, let's face it: Afghanistan is a tough place to wage war. Those folks beat the Russians when the Russians were tough. No one wins there. They've faced almost everything--but no one has ever had to deal with dogs defecating on them from thousands of feet overhead. That spectacle would have to shake your faith. If God is willing to raise dogs to the heavens so they can cover you in poop and pee, then you must have seriously pissed Him off.

Isn't that the first thing you thought after reading the story?

Sure it is.


John Lambshead said...

Um, I read it in my Times. Chap has to read the Times even if it is owned by the Murdochs.

Mark said...

Fair enough, John.

Elizabeth said...

You are just ripe to get death threats from some radical Islamic group from somewhere. Even Southpark is vulnerable - you can't be immune!

vampi said...

well i would think if we consider physics, that wouldn't work out quite the way you think.

also the comment section of that article proves you are not the only one.

" Alan Rex wrote:
Shouldn't the dog be wearing a nappy of haven't the health and safetyu brigade been involved yet.

I think I will upgrade my wipers just in case."

Mark said...

Elizabeth, you may be right. Perhaps I should keep a low profile on the topic.

Mark said...

Vampi, yes, physics might lead to far different results. Perhaps we need to train the dogs to poop and pee on command so that we can control the altitude better. Special diets may also be in order. Much to ponder.

mimi said...

I believe that the poor pooch, might poop on the enemy, but did you notice the parachute, the poor pooch couldn't piss, if he wanted to. And look at that face.

Mark said...

Excellent points, Mimi. Some redesigns are clearly in order.


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