Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Losers

This past Friday night, we kicked off the summer of violent-team movies by checking out The Losers. Of the quartet of such films on offer this year (The Expendables, The A Team, and Takers being the others), this one appeared from the trailers to be the weakest, but ever since the first time I saw The Dirty Dozen as a kid, I've been a sucker for such movies.

Overall, I enjoyed it enough that its obvious stupidities didn't bother me most of the time. (Did they have to make the bad guy wear one glove, though? I mean, sure, they showed his messed-up hand once, but, really.) A lot of stuff blew up, the fight choreographer had clearly been busy, Zoe Saldana looked hot at least some of the time (the rest of the film, she appeared to be in desperate need of a sandwich), and Chris Evans was showing the muscles he'd put on so he could play Captain America. All in all, it was a pleasant couple of hours if you're into that sort of movie--which I obviously am.

If you don't love this particular sub-genre, though, you'll want to skip this one or at least save it for the small screen.

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