Wednesday, April 21, 2010

How big a geek am I?

My car's been approaching a mileage milestone--all "1"s, 11111 miles--for some time now, and being a numbers geek, I've been unreasonably excited about the prospect. Tonight, as I was driving back from a concert by Sarah's orchestra (more on that tomorrow), I realized the changeover would occur during this trip.

In a flash, I knew I had to photograph the magic moment.

This task was not without its challenges, because it was after 10:00 p.m. and I was going 74 miles per hour on a 65-mph freeway. Nonetheless, I pulled out my iPhone, thumbed up the camera app, and while steering with my knees tried to focus the camera on the odometer.

Yes, you were glad not to be on the highway with me at that moment. Fortunately, few people were.

At this point, Allyn, who was in the car with me, was not pleased with my driving. I suggested that she could improve it by unbuckling, climbing on the hump, leaning over, and focusing the camera on the odometer while I leaned to the left to see around her.

She did not like this idea.

Even when I pointed out that if we were in an accident her death would be a most memorable one as she shot like a rocket through the windshield, she did not like my plan.

I then offered that if her reflexes were fast enough, she could grab my hair on the way through the glass and perhaps either stay in the car or at least scalp me--but still she did not like the idea.

Some people.

Fortunately, the changeover came just after we left the freeway, so I was able to pull over to the side of the road and take this happy snap.

Pretty cool, eh?

Yes, I know: I am a very big geek indeed.

I still think the ride-the-hump-while-taking-the-photo idea could have worked.


John Lambshead said...

I get very excited when a big coherent number (in decimal) come up on the dashboard. My assorted women are forced to look as well but somehow seem to derive no pleasure from the experience. Strange creatures, women.

PS My father was the same. Must be a man-thing.

J. Griffin Barber said...

Had you had an accident and she'd gone through sideways, the first thing that would go through the accident investigator's mind is... inappropriate for this venue.

Mark said...

Perhaps, or just a geek thing.

Mark said...

Very, very true.

Todd said...

I got mine at all 4's. Must be a sci-fi geek thing.

Mark said...

Todd, it may well be.

Bernadette Bosky said...

On May 25, Geek Pride Day, I said that I am enough of a geek that I don't use the word (preferring "nerd") because I can't stop thinking of biting the heads off chickens.

Mark said...

I like both words and use them as the mood hits.


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